Convection Ovens

1 x Igniter for Infrared (IR) Broiler Burner: BACKORDERED
1 x Sunkist S110 Fruit and Vegetable Sectioner, 10 Wedge
1 x Sunkist S103 Fruit and Vegetable Sectioner, 6 Slice
1 x Door Hinges Pair, for 18 inch NK, LS, SC, MM, MB Series Ovens
1 x Greens Machine, 20 Gal., Stainless Steel Vegetable Dryer VP2
1 x Maintenance Pack for MTI-40C by AutoFry
1 x Valve, top burner gas, DYNASTY or JADE Residential ranges etc.
1 x Regulator, Nat. Gas or Propane, for Dynasty Grills, DBQ/DOBQ/JBQ
1 x Ignition Spark Module, Single Point, for AK and PRO series
1 x Knob, Gas, Food Warmers
1 x Stainless Metal Sponge Scrubber
1 x Thermometer, Candy or Deep Fryer thermometer
1 x Valve, Gas valve for commercial Jade Ranges, Griddles, Broilers
1 x Igniter for Griddle on Heritage Classic ranges and cooktops
1 x Knob, Igniter (Delta Knob) for Dynasty or Jade BBQ grills
1 x Jade door eye bolt
1 x Electrode igniter for dual ring burner, Old Style, 51 inch wire
1 x Faucet Repair Kit: 4 and 8 inch center wall/deck kit, HOT
1 x Feet (16-pack), Rubber Pads Kit, for Jade or Dynasty GeoGrates
1 x Remus Teppanyaki Utensil Tool Kit
1 x Safety Valve, early series AR ranges, etc.
1 x Tubing, Copper Clad Steel Tubing: 1/4"
1 x Knob, THOR knob for Oven, Black, LRG models
1 x Low Temp. Under Counter Dishwasher: X-33
1 x Blower Wheel for Wolf WKGD convection ovens, VC ovens
1 x THOR 36 inch Professional Dual Fuel, Electric Oven (Natural Gas)
1 x Igniter, Spark for Dynasty DBQ-30 or DBQ-42 Grills, Side Burners
1 x Thermostat 175-500 degrees, KX (36" capillary)
1 x Fresh-O-Matic Steam Pans, Pack 100
1 x Grate, Top, Cast Iron, 9 bar (21 inch x 5-1/8 inch x 5/8 inch)
1 x Igniter Electrode for Top Burner on RJRD, RJRG, RJDG, RJGR
1 x Safety Valve - TS11J, 1/4" NPT
1 x Dial for Griddle Thermostat
1 x Ra Chand Model J200 Manual Citrus Juicer
1 x NXR AK3605-LP, Propane 36 inch Gas Range, 6 Burners (LP gas)
1 x Meat Grinder, Meat Chopper, 1 HP, w/attachments
1 x Screws and Nuts, Stainless Steel, for Dynasty-Jade Grills
1 x Lamber Undercounter Commercial Dishwasher F99EKDPS
2 x Thermostat Dial, Jade (5/8 inch diameter protrusion on back)
1 x Burner Head GASKET, for Wolf Residential A series
1 x Buffalo Chopper, Bowl Cutter
1 x Ra Chand Model J210 Manual Citrus Juicer
1 x Door Hinge Right for 36” HRG, HRD series ranges
1 x Thermostat Dial, Jade (5/8 inch diameter protrusion-notch down)
1 x Strap for ceramic tile/briquettes (Williams Sonoma series)
1 x Thermometer, Oven Test thermometer
1 x Handle for Oven Door on LRG3001U
1 x Jade JSR 36 Oven Door Handle Rod
1 x Grate, Spider grate for Montague Grizzly Ranges
1 x Jade Oven Door Spring
1 x Door Hinges Pair, for 30 inch NK, LS, SC, MM, MB Series Ovens
1 x Ceramic Radiant Single tile for Montague Ceramic Char Broilers
1 x Exterior Cover for 42" Freestanding Grill
1 x Knob, Gas, Food Warmers, Advance Tabco Supreme Metal
1 x Burner / Mixer Plate (Air Shutter, 2-5/8 inch OD)
1 x Caster Sets for AR series, Green Flame: set of 6