Convection Ovens

1 x Dicer, Dynacube DC3 (17mm, 3/4 inch)
1 x Dicer, Dynacube DC3 (7mm, 1/8 inch)
1 x Meat Grinder, Meat Chopper, 1 HP, w/attachments
1 x Buffalo Chopper, Bowl Cutter
1 x Dicer, Dynacube DC3 (14mm, 1/2 inch)
1 x Mighty Green Food Processor - Stainless Steel Bowl
1 x Salad Spinner SD99
1 x Mighty Green Food Processor
1 x Dicer, Dynacube DC3 (8.5mm, 1/4 inch)
1 x Dicer, Dynacube DC3 (10mm, 3/8 inch)
1 x Meat Chopper Grinder, Clamp Mount
1 x Salad Spinner SD92SC
1 x Greens Machine, 20 Gal., Stainless Steel Vegetable Dryer VP2-220
1 x Sunkist S104 Fruit and Vegetable Sectioner, 8 Wedge
1 x Salad Spinner SD92
1 x Matfer Professional Stainless Steel Mandoline With Pusher
1 x Sunkist S102 Fruit and Vegetable Sectioner, 6 Wedger
1 x Matfer Professional Mandoline 1000
1 x Greens Machine, 20 Gal., Stainless Steel Vegetable Dryer VP2
1 x Sunkist S103 Fruit and Vegetable Sectioner, 6 Slice
1 x Tortilla Maker
1 x Sunkist S106 Apple and Vegetable Sectioner, 6 Wedger-Cored
1 x Sunkist S105 Fruit and Vegetable Sectioner, 3-in-1, School model
1 x Matfer Professional Mandoline 2000S
1 x Sunkist S107 Fruit and Vegetable Sectioner, Single slice (halfs)
1 x Salad Spinner, Electric Model EM98
1 x Sunkist S101 Fruit and Vegetable Sectioner, 4 Wedger
1 x Sunkist S110 Fruit and Vegetable Sectioner, 10 Wedge
1 x Dial for Montague 115 with electronic ignition
1 x Bulb, Oven Bulb, oven lamp for Montague Ovens
1 x Air Shutter for Tubular Burner
1 x Gasket for burner (Montague Grizzly, M, R, S, 136, VG, etc.)
1 x Convection Motor Kit, 115/230V, 3/4HP (Montague)
1 x Burner, Infrared IR burner assembly for Montague Broilers