Barbeque Grills

1 x Grate, PRO
1 x Caster Sets for AR series, Green Flame: set of 4
1 x Oven Rack, Performer ARROB 36 inch ovens on Performer
1 x Stainless Metal Sponge Scrubber
1 x Burner, Oven Bake Burner, AR series, Commercial
1 x Ceramic Radiant Single tile for Montague Ceramic Char Broilers
1 x Knob (Dial) for Oven or Griddle Thermostat, LOW-500 degrees
1 x Infinite Switch, control for toasters/ovens (240V)
1 x Safety Valve, AR Series
2 x Oven Rack, AR4, 20-7/8 x 19-7/8, chrome plated
1 x Exterior Cover for 42" Built-In Grill
1 x Burner Assembly, Open Top (Al)
1 x Single Pilot Assembly for ARTY Teppanyaki Series
1 x Ignition module controller for AR, MSD
1 x Instant Hot Water Faucet by Insinkerator
1 x Matfer Professional Mandoline 1000
1 x NXR AKD3001, 30 inch Dual Fuel Range, 4 Burners (LP Gas)
1 x One Dozen Cake Pans (aluminum cake baking pans)
1 x Thermocouple 18 inch long copper capillary
1 x High Temp. Under Counter Deluxe Dishwasher: 737E
2 x Caster Sets for AR series, Green Flame: set of 6
1 x Burner for Char Broilers, Grills
2 x Caster Set for AR series: Red Wheel Casters, set of 4
1 x Sunkist S106 Apple and Vegetable Sectioner, 6 Wedger-Cored
1 x Sunkist S103 Fruit and Vegetable Sectioner, 6 Slice
1 x Burner, Infrared (IR), for Wolf or Vulcan CMJ
1 x Grate, for Montague 136, M18, Top Double Grate
3 x Igniter for Oven Bake Burners on Performer, Cuisine, Heritage
1 x VBP7 Institutional Series Holding Cabinet
1 x Valve, water regulating valve
1 x Convection Fan for HRG and HRD Ranges by THOR Kitchen
1 x Sunkist Juicer Grapefruit Extracting Bulb (w/metal insert)
1 x Thermostat for Oven on ARROB Performer/Heritage/Cuisine Series
1 x Faucet Repair Kit: 4 and 8 inch center kit, low lead
1 x Oven (or Griddle) Thermostat, AR-6, etc., commercial
1 x Burner, Top Rear Assembly
1 x Fisher Faucet, Wall/Backsplash Mount, Stainless Steel
1 x Thermometer, Pocket Test thermometer
1 x Dicer, Dynacube DC3 (14mm, 1/2 inch)
1 x Switch, rocker switch w/Amber Light, for Waffle Makers, Warmers
1 x Kobe Hood Stainless Steel Panel, 36 inch wide
1 x THOR 36 inch Professional Dual Fuel, Electric Oven (Natural Gas)
1 x High Heat Graphite Grease
1 x Blower Motor for Wolf Challenger and Commander Snorkler ovens
1 x Infinite Switch, control for toasters, conveyor toasters (120V)
1 x Burner, Jade/Dynasty Smoker Box Burner for DKC, KC series
1 x Sunkist S105 Fruit and Vegetable Sectioner, 3-in-1, School model
1 x Garlic Press
1 x Sunkist Juicer Bulb Set (Lemon-Lime/Orange/Grapefruit) Metal
1 x American Range Wok Ring accessory, for all American Ranges