Cutlery + Knives

1 x Blower Wheel (Montague)
1 x Convection Motor Kit, 115/230V, 1/4HP, 1700rpm (Montague)
1 x Convection Motor, 115/230V, 3/4HP (Montague) Discontinued
1 x Dial, Thermostat Dial, 1 inch protrusion on back (Montague)
1 x Gasket for burner (Montague Grizzly, M, R, S, 136, VG, etc.)
1 x Dial for Griddle Thermostat
1 x Burner assembly, rear-left-side, for Montague V136, 136
1 x Burner assembly, rear-right-side, for Montague V136, 136, etc.
1 x Burner assembly, front, for Montague V136, 136
1 x Burner / Mixer Plate (Air Shutter, 2-1/4 inch OD)
1 x Air Shutter for Tubular Burner
1 x Burner, Tubular, for Montague Char Broilers
1 x Dial, Thermostat Dial for Montague Convection Ovens, 150-550 F
1 x Dial for Thermostat, for Montague 136, etc.
1 x Dial for Oven Thermostat, Grizzly etc., 2 inch extension
1 x Burner Head, Montague Range 136 series
1 x Grate, Spider grate for Montague Grizzly Ranges
1 x Grate, for Montague 136 Ranges, Top Double Grate
1 x Grate, for Montague 136, M18, Top Double Grate
1 x Grate, UF Series Char Broiler Coal Grate
1 x Bulb, Oven Bulb, oven lamp for Montague Ovens
1 x Grate, Broiler, Center (Montague)
1 x Grate, Broiler, Left (Montague)
1 x Grate, Broiler, Right (Montague)
1 x Ceramic Radiant Kit for Montague Ceramic Char Broilers
1 x Ceramic Radiant Single tile for Montague Ceramic Char Broilers
1 x Burner for Montague Char Broilers C36, etc.
1 x Burner for Montague Cheesemelters MCM, 18 inch burner
1 x Burner for Montague Cheesemelters MCM, 29 inch burner
1 x Burner Assembly, Single, for Montague Broilers
1 x Dial, for Griddle Thermostat, Lo-150-400-Hi
1 x Dial for Montague Ovens, Pizza Ovens
1 x Dial for Montague Roast and Bake Ovens
1 x Dial for Montague 115 with electronic ignition
1 x Burner Head with Gasket, Montague Range Grizzly, R series
1 x Convection Motor Kit, 115/230V, 3/4HP (Montague)
1 x Gaskets for burners, 6 pk. (Montague Grizzly, M, R, S, 136, VG,
1 x Burner, Infrared IR burner assembly for Montague Broilers