1 x Briquette Tray (for Dynasty - Jade Outdoor Grills)
1 x Air Shutter for 1 inch diameter charbroiler Burner
1 x Briquettes, Ceramic, Commercial-Grade for Grills, Char Broilers
1 x Burner for Char Broilers, Grills
1 x Burner, Dynachrome "H-burner"
1 x Burner, DGRSC or DGRS Dynasty Oven
1 x Burner, RJGR Jade/Dynasty Range oven, late DGRSC
1 x Burner, Jade/Dynasty Smoker Box Burner for DKC, KC series
1 x Burner, Jade Broiler
1 x Carbon-Off cleaning product
1 x Burner, Top Front (Assembly)
1 x Dial, Red Dial for Thermostat (KX), for Jade griddles
1 x Burner, Top rear burner for DGRS, DCT and RJGR *LIMITED STOCK*
1 x Burner, DGR or DGRC Dynasty Oven
1 x Burner, Simmer Burner, for DGRS, DGRSC, DCT Series ranges
1 x Bulb, Oven Bulb, oven lamp bulb for DGR, DGRS, DGRSC, RJGR
1 x Burner, Jade JTRH Titan Series Oven Burner
1 x Grate, Bottom (Cast Iron, 8" x 15")
1 x Foot for Jade countertop broilers (feet), flanged, 1 inch dia.
1 x Exterior Cover for 30" Freestanding Grill
1 x Briquette Tray - Notched (cutout corner for Dynasty DBQ grills)
1 x Exterior Cover for 42" Freestanding Grill
1 x Caster for Dynasty DGRSC Ranges, 3" Non-Locking Wheel Caster
1 x Conversion Kit to Natural Gas for 30 and 42 inch Grills
1 x Grate, Top, Cast Iron, 4 bar (21 inch x 3 inch x 2-1/8 inch)
1 x Grate (Cooking Grid) for DBQ/DOBQ series BBQ (13 inch)
1 x Bezel Adapter Kit for JADE Range thermostats
1 x Caster for Dynasty DGRSC Ranges, 3" Locking Wheel Caster
1 x Burner Radiant Only, for KC series broiler burner
1 x Feet (16-pack), Rubber Pads Kit, for Jade or Dynasty GeoGrates
1 x Exterior Cover for 42" Built-In Grill
1 x Burner, Top Rear Assembly
1 x Blower Wheel for Convection Oven Motor, JADE commercial JSR, JTR
1 x Dial for Griddle Thermostat on Jade commercial ranges
1 x Grate, Top, Cast Iron, 9 bar (21 inch x 5-1/8 inch x 5/8 inch)
1 x Burner for Char Broilers, Grills (with radiants)
1 x Door Hinge, complete kit for ONE HINGE
1 x Grate, Geograte, fits DGRS/DGRSC, RJGR, and select DGR/DGRC, DCT
1 x Grate for ranges and cooktops, Jade/Dynasty RJGR or RJSG series
1 x Burner, Top front burner, DGRS, DGRSC, RJGR, Select DCT models
1 x Ice Maker with Storage Bin, 84 lbs per day
1 x Burner Assembly for Char Broiler Grills
1 x Grate, Char Broiler top grate
1 x Door Spring, oven door on Garland R, S, series
1 x Grate, Coal Grate for Char Broilers
1 x Safety Valve, US Range/Garland
1 x Grate, Spider Grate, for Garland Range models (M, H)
1 x Valve, Gas Burner
1 x Grate, top grate for Garland GD broiler series
1 x Thermocouple, 36 inch, Heavy Duty
1 x Knob for combination pilot safety valve
1 x Add on Griddle, Steel, 23 x 23 inches (RM2323)
1 x Add on Griddle, Steel, Deluxe Two Burner, 14 x 24 inches
1 x Add on Griddle, Steel, 11 x 11 inches (RM1111)
1 x Add on Griddle, Steel, Two Burner Size, 14 x 23 inches
1 x Add on Griddle, Steel, 12 x 20 inches (RM1220)
1 x Equipex 350FE Professional Crepe Griddle, Enameled surface (120V
1 x Crepe Pan, Cast Iron, French, with tools
1 x Crepe Pan, Swiss Diamond non-stick, 9 inch