Oven Rack, ARW6, 32-1/4 x 20-7/8, chrome plated

Oven Rack, ARW6, 32-1/4 x 20-7/8, chrome plated
Oven rack for ARW6 (AR6 WIDE MODELS) Oven model ranges
Dimensions: 32-1/4 x 20-7/8 inches
Chrome Plated
1 x Caster Sets for AR series, Green Flame: set of 4
1 x Dynacube Dicer Blade Set: 17mm, 3/4 inch
1 x Vulcan VHFA18 Holding Cabinet
1 x Safety Valve (Star Fryers, Griddles, etc. BASO type)
1 x Burner, Top Front, for AR-6 etc.
1 x Thermocouple 18 inch copper capillary
1 x Door Hinges Pair, for 18 inch Pro Series Ovens
1 x Gas Pressure Regulator for all 48 inch NXR Ranges
1 x Caster Sets for AR series, Green Flame: set of 6
1 x Burner head for Wolf CH/CHSS/A/AE/AK
1 x Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl, 16 quart
1 x Knob, THOR knob for Dual Fuel Oven
1 x Fresh-O-Matic Steam Pans, Pack 100
1 x Igniter for Infrared (IR) Broiler Burner: BACKORDERED
1 x Control panel for DRGB3602: DISCONTINUED
1 x Sunkist Juicer Bulb Set (Lemon-Lime/Orange/Grapefruit) Metal
1 x Deluxe Gas Connector Kit, 1 inch
1 x Burner for Char Broilers, Grills (with radiants)
1 x Fresh-O-Matic Steam Pans, Pack 25
1 x Grate, Top, Cast Iron, 4 bar (21 inch x 3 inch x 2-1/8 inch)
1 x Burner, Simmer Burner, for DGRS, DGRSC, DCT Series ranges
1 x Ra Chand Heavy Duty Lime Press
1 x Cleaning Brush for Panini Grills
1 x Dicer, Dynacube DC3 (17mm, 3/4 inch)
1 x Grate, for Montague 136, M18, Top Double Grate
1 x Drip Tray for AR-6, ARHP, ARW, ARB, ARG
1 x Burner, Oven Bake Burner, AR series, Commercial
1 x Dial, Thermostat Dial for Montague Convection Ovens, 150-550 F
1 x Knob, THOR knob for Dual Fuel Top Burner
2 x Burner, Top Rear, for AR-6 etc.
1 x EmberGlo Countertop Steamer, Push Button, Timer, Buzzer
1 x Dicer, Dynacube DC3 (8.5mm, 1/4 inch)
1 x Burner, for Salamander Broilers, Cast Iron type
1 x Igniter for Griddle on Heritage Classic ranges and cooktops
1 x Door Hinges Pair, for 18 inch NK, LS, SC, MM, MB Series Ovens
1 x Dial for Montague Roast and Bake Ovens
1 x Burner, for Broilers, charbroilers, late models
1 x NXR AKD3001, 30 inch Dual Fuel Range, 4 Burners (Nat. Gas)
1 x Dynacube Dicer Blade Set: 7mm, 1/8 inch
1 x Knob for Griddle Section on ARR series (Residential)
1 x Electrode Igniter for Top Burner on NXR Ranges: DISCONTINUED*
1 x Fryer Puck, Deep Fryer Cleaner
1 x Carbon Cure, carbon deposit remover for cookware
1 x Oven Rack, ARW6, 32-1/4 x 20-7/8, chrome plated
1 x Residential Gas Hookup Hose, 72 inch, Stainless
1 x Burner component: Cap, center, for 15K burner: BACKORDERED
1 x Ceramic Radiant Single tile for Montague Ceramic Char Broilers
1 x Burner Assembly, Open Top (Al)
1 x Igniter for Broiler on Heritage Classic Ranges (Residential)
1 x Ra Chand Model J200 Manual Citrus Juicer
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American Range
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