HYEX 1.4 Professional Remote Vent Blower (1400 cfm)

HYEX 1.4 Professional Remote Vent Blower (1400 cfm)

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Hyper-quiet External Blower, Low Profile Ventilator

1400 CFM
Duct Size: 10"
Mounts to exterior WALL or ROOF
Ultra-low ambient noise (40 db); infinitely variable motor speed control switch included
Includes external housing with blower system.
Includes all components needed for installation.
Custom finishes are also available.
Abbaka ventilator motors are from Germany and the ventilators are assembled in the USA.


Quietly Beautiful

  • Hyper-quiet—70% quieter than conventional remote ventilators; 66 decibels ambient white noise (about that of a window air conditioner) maintains outdoor quiet and eliminates in-hood motor noise.
  • Low Profile—9" at the highest point, with 7" radiused profile. Restaurant ventilator power, without the industrial fan look.
  • Super Energy Efficient—high CFM output at 1/3 the power of comparable professional-level remote ventilators.
  • Infinitely Variable Motor Speed Control—solid state device gives you 100% control to dial in the exact vent power for the current cooking condition.
  • Maintenance-free—permanently lubricated sealed ball bearings require no upkeep. Thermal overload protection with auto reset, safeguards the system. External rotor construction places the motor at the center of the permanently attached fan wheel for superior cooling, assuring long-life and trouble-free performance.
  • Ultimate Serviceability—in the unlikely event that the systems fails, the Uni-Structure motor/impeller/control assembly is replaced as a unit.

Beautifully Simple

  • Removable Cover for quick access
  • Uni-Structure replaced as a unit
    should system fail
  • Terminal Block with set screws for
    easy, reliable connection
  • Spring Damper seals out cold
  • Extended Flashing for easy installation

Powerfully Quiet

  • Superior design moves air 125%
    more efficiently than other
    professional ventilators. Integral
    fan wheel/motor assembly is
    dynamically balanced on two
    planes virtually eliminating
    referred noise to the range hood.


Abbaka ventilator motors are from Germany and the ventilators are assembled in the USA.
Please Note: Abbaka products may not be returned after they have been delivered.
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