Green Flame Range, 36 inch, 6 burners, electronic ignition (LP)

Green Flame Range, 36 inch, 6 burners, electronic ignition (LP)

Free Shipping. Propane/LP Gas Model (Natural Gas model available at the same price). Usually ships within 1-3 days or same day if requested.

*Available in all sizes: 24", 36", 48", 60" or 72" inch wide. Natural Gas or Liquid Propane fuel type available. Contact us at 1-877-386-7766 or 415-332-5840

The "Green Flame" Range by American Range is perfect for churches, retirement homes and fire stations. It is designed for short time period everyday use and/or usage for only a few days a week. All Stainless Steel external body is a standard fixture for long service life and easy cleaning. All the latest design and manufacturing technology is incorporated in this range to give you the best energy efficiency, quality and dependability. Customer satisfaction makes American Range the ultimate choice.

Quality Commercial Cooking Equipment

No energy lost with standing pilots
No pilots mean cooler kitchens
No pilots means reduced fire hazard
No pilots means energy savings


No standing pilots. Made possible with PBIS technology (pilotless burner ignition system).
Electronic on-demand ignition for gas burners (PBIS).
Raw commercial power control provided with residential style full rotation valves
Spark ignition system detects flame loss
If surface burner flame is lost, ignition system relights automatically
25,000 BTU/Hr American Star® burners
Improved safety - reduced fire hazard with no burning pilots
Pull out crumb tray makes clean up a snap


Electronic ignition for bake burner (PBIS).
Bake burner lights and relights with direct spark ignition system
Oven frame is constructed from heavy gauge steel
Landing ledge is 6" deep stainless steel
Cast iron 12" by 12" grate sections lift off for cleaning
Oven walls are porcelain coated for easy clean up
Direct spark ignition eliminates standing pilot
High strength steel legs are 6" tall and chrome plated
Casters are optionally available
Each range carries a one-year limited warranty on parts
Stainless steel door pulls off for easy oven cleaning

Requires 120 volt connection for electronic ignition system.

Specifications Sheet (PDF)
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